10 Habits of a Productive Mom

1. Make & Follow a To Do List

I am the Queen of writing lists down & then leaving it right there and never seeing it again.  What is the point of taking time to write down what has to get done if you're not going to follow it!? Make sure you take your list with you wherever you go. Snap a picture of it and keep it in your phone so you always have it with you.

2. Plan Ahead

I can’t tell you how much better my day goes when I plan the night before. I am the type of person that can’t just “wing it” LOL. I need a plan, I need a right of way and I need some kind of organization or else my brain literally will not work.

3. Make. It. Simple.

I can’t stress this enough, I know sometimes us moms love to go above and beyond and that’s great and I still do most of the time but there are so many things that you can just simplify to make life EASIER.  You don’t necessarily need to brine the meat for a quick, week night dinner.

4. Put & Finish Things Right Away 

I’m telling you the truth, if I don’t clean as I go while dinner is getting done, there is NO WAY I am cleaning that horrible mess after dinner once the kids are in bed, I take that time for me. So I have learned that cleaning while you go is just best for my household.  That way I can just focus on bed time after dinner and actually enjoy it with the kids.  If I am doing folding clothes plus 5 other things, I can almost guarantee that’s left on the bed will get put right back into the basket and stay there for 7-10 business days.

5. Have Your Kids Help Out & Make a Game Out of It

Max loves to help around the house IF it involves a race or a prize, LOL. There are many times that he has to do it just because, but there are also times I don’t want it to feel like just a chore. If the laundry gets sorted (to the best of his ability at 5 years old at least, lol) and all I have to do is give him a treat when he’s done, why not?! Plus he’s working on learning life skills, it’s a win-win for this mama!

6. Give Up Things That Waste Your Time

I don’t mean this is such a physical way, but more mentally. STOP COMPLAINING! I have learned that you can complain all you want but guess what, complaint doesn’t get a thing done! Try your best to practice this and just do it, chances are you will complain about it longer than it actually takes to do it. If it isn’t something productive, NEWS FLASH: you’re wasting your time. 


As much as I like to go with the flow, time blocking saves my life plenty of times.  I do not have a specific time blocking schedule on a daily but I will use it in a way that works for me.  Example: I will give myself 30 minutes to pick up daily, whatever is done in those 30 minutes is it.  This usually entails stuff that was left out of place, toys on the floor, fixing the cushions on the couch, etc.  Little things that really make your room come together at the end of the day.  This is great because at the end of the 30 minutes I know I can rewards myself with a mask, hot shower & BED!

8. Focus on One Thing At a Time

This kind of goes hand in hand with finishing things right away.  I know there are days that I get the cleaning monster inside of me and decide to purge, clean, do laundry, organize and at the end of the day my house still looks a hot mess.  Try not to mix big projects together; if it’s a cleaning day just clean; if it’s a purging day, just purge. You get my drift. 

9. Create a Schedule That Works For You

Listen guys, you can do all the research you want on Pinterest on how to get on a schedule but if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle it will never work.  Some people are morning people, some are night owls- so if going to bed at 3 am and waking up at 12 pm works for you, then hey… DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. No one else is living your life & dealing with your daily activities like YOU. 

10. Don’t Aim For Perfection

At the end of the day, your kids are not going to remember if they went to bed or woke up to a perfectly clean house when they grow up.  They are going to remember the time and love you spent on them.  NEWS FLASH: The dishes aren’t going anywhere. The laundry isn’t going anywhere. The mess isn’t going anywhere……UNFORTUNATELY. Your babies will unfortunately grow up, so sometimes it is ok to just let the mess wait, snuggle your babies a little longer on those days before they outgrow your lap. 

Life is all about finding balance and what works for you. Try different ways to better manage your time and you will be one step ahead of the game before you know it!