Baby & Toddler Cold & Flu Season Must Haves

*Insert dooming music here.... dun dun dunnnnnnnn.....* The most dreaded season has fallen upon us once again guys, yes FLU SEASON. The magic of the holidays has slowly slipped away from our finger tips and the season of germs, boogers & fevers is here. Our Christmas break started off with Max catching it first and then a few days later, my little one on Christmas Eve- Max didn't get it half as bad as my poor little girl did. Let's just say it was not fun at all we are going on a full week of being sick, but thankfully I can see she is on the mend and acting more like herself. Since she is home with me, this is the first time she has really gotten sick and I had absolutely nothing in my house other then a humidifier and Motrin so you know I had to do some research to check out what was on the market for babies so you know Target trip was needed.

  1. First and foremost, if you have kids you NEED a humidifier, I swear by these because as babies and toddler they don't know how to blow their nose or get of phlegm. Best thing you can do for them is loosen it up for them. The minute I see a bit of congestion the humidifier goes on over night in their room. This is the one I use and I love it- super simple and easy to work and set up.
  2. Second, the Nose Frida!! Again, the congestion is what causes everything - the post nasal drip that leads the coughing and hacking up lungs. I used the Nose Frida on my babygirl before bed and she was sound asleep after 4 nights of basically being up and uncomfortable unable to breath and coughing,
  3. Third, I typically do not use Johnson & Johnson's because they aren't the cleanest product for babies but I already knew a good bath with Soothing Vapors calms and does wonders right before bed time when your little one isn't feeling their best.
  4. Next, Hyland's Baby Nighttime Mucus & Cold Relief for night time helps break up mucus and soothe coughing while asleep and is free of all artificial flavors, dyes & parabens.
  5. For daytime I was using Zarbees Baby Cold & Immune as needed because I truly hate pumping her with so many meds and I know her body has the antibodies it needs to fight off so I medicate so that she can be a little more comfortable. I love that I am able to control her cough but also help boost her immune system with Agave, Thyme & Elderberry.
  6. Last but not least I love rubbing her down with Zarbees Soothing Chest Rub. I use the Eucalyptus, Lavender & Beeswax scent because obviously regular Vicks is too strong for her. I rub this on her chest,, back, neck and bottoms of her feet so basically her whole body LOL.
Homedics Humidifier

These were my favorite picks and they can all be found at Target. I hope all of you fellow mamas stay strong during this cold & flu season. There is no more frustrating feeling than sick babies, no sleep and having to take of everything else, but sometimes this is a sign to just slow down. Things can always be worse so just let them cuddle, let them in your bed and simply hold them. A few days ago I came across @brittaniborenleach's Instagram, she is a Youtube mama and she laid her 3 month old down for a nap on Christmas Day and when she went to check on him he was not breathing. After being rushed to the hospital and countless tests, the doctors determined the damage was irreparable. Brittani & her family have decided to donate Crew's organs in hopes of saving another life.

This story really brought perspective to my eyes, Esme has been super clingy, clingy isn't the word- but I'll take it. It can always be worse. I can't imagine what Brittani and her family are going through and I have prayed for her and her family profusely. There is a Go Fund Me set up for her as well as a PO Box for those that want to send gift cards or gifts. If you are unable to send monetary support you cn watch her Youtube videos without skipping adds as she has 4 other children they have to continue to support and money should not be a worry for them at the moment.

Go Fund Me for Crew

Brittani Boren Leach YouTube

So remember mamas, hug your babies tight & simply take deep breath - there are far worse things then being sleep deprived.