Hi my lovelies!

For those of you who don’t know, I subscribed to BoxyCharm a few months ago and March is the second box I received.  Each month, your card is charged $21 and you are sent 5-6 FULL SIZED products straight to your door! Talk about a good deal, huh?! I like subscribing to these boxes because I love trying different things since there is such an array of make up out there to try, I would literally go broke if I bought all these products separately each month.  This month’s box would’ve cost me a total of $157 if I were to buy the products on my own.  Unbelievable! & although I didn’t love all the products, my favorite one already cost more than the $21 I was charged for the subscription.  So let’s get to it!

This box was called “La Vie en Rose” and maybe because it wasn’t my first and I wasn’t too enticed with the products I saw at first glance.  I received Manna Kadar Bloom Mascara - $29 and was a little bummed because I had just receive Better Than Sex last month and that is my go to for mascara but I gave it a shot and it wasn’t too bad, it’s definitely a good back up to have if I ever run out of Better Than Sex. The formula was pretty good, no flaking or clumping it has extra fibers to volumize and lengthen lashes.  It is paraben cruelty free which is always a plus in my book.  I received the limited edition gold variant which is sold out at the moment! Next in the box was the Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying & Brightening Peel Off Mask -$34, now if you know me you know I am a sucker for any kind of mask.  It contains a blend of skin loving acai, goji berry, blueberry, lychee, mangosteen and green tea leaf extracts and claims to instantly purify and replenish dull skin.  I applied the beautifully colored rose gold mask and let it sit for 15 minutes and then peeled it off (surprisingly it was pain free) but honestly I didn’t notice a difference in my pores or any brightening.  It was a flunk for me and I would never dish of $34 for this mask.  Next was a liquid lipstick by Ofra -$20 in the color Santa Ana and while the formula was wonderful and long lasting, not super drying it is kind of a fall-ish color so I don’t really have much use for it at the moment, but I will definitely be rocking it come September. The Powder and Soft Glow Moda Brush Kit $29.99 goes absolutely great with my Cover FX Perfector Face Pallet -$45. The brushes are a beautiful rose color and are almost too beautiful to use. They are made from sturdy aluminum ferule bristles and can be used on both wet and dry products.  Perfect for translucent powders, powder foundation and I’ve even used the medium sized brush for highlight. The glow was real! I have been using the Cover FX pallet every time I do my make up! I am obsessed with the bronzer and blush! It gives me a beautiful summer glow and doesn’t make my face feel or look dry! 

So, to wrap it up.. I wasn’t as excited as my first but I still made out pretty great with just the two products I absolutely loved! I have added a new favorite to my make up routine and am looking forward to April’s box.  I look forward to receiving my goodies every singly month! 

Until next month, ladies!