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Your business may be the go to for your customers, have excellent customer service and impeccable products but if it’s dusty, infested with bugs or unsanitary, then your customers may be looking elsewhere for their services and goods down the road. What can you do to keep your customers happy, your employees doing their job and overall health and safety for everyone in and out of your store? Of course it isn’t just germs and dirt that can negatively affect the company’s image. Having stained or damaged flooring, awful lighting or even loud music nearby can also contribute to the overall vibe that a customer has of your business. You want to have your best foot forward when it comes to a professional and well cleaned establishment. People want the very best when shopping in your store, especially if they are going to be spending their hard earned money when right now, money is a little tight. 

What rooms need cleaning? Below are ones you’ll want to get looked at right away.

  1. Bathrooms - This is something that is super important. It doesn't matter if you own a clothing store, a restaurant or just a building bathroom. A sanitary, sterile and fresh bathroom can make your employees and customers feel comfortable while also showcasing your brand and business in a positive light. This truly gives those who walk in and out of the building lasting impressions and keep them coming back day after day. 
  1. Floors - If you are a business owner, it can be hard to continue to keep your floors looking their best, especially in very high traffic areas. Adding some floor mats both inside and outside of the entrance can be a good idea to help. The mats can trap debris, dirt and keep it from being tracked everywhere throughout the building. Also, depending on the type of establishment you have and the number of employees or customers coming in and out, someone might need to clean the floor a few times a day. The floor is one of the very first things a customer notices upon entering the establishment so this is a big thing to keep track of day after day. 
  1. Routine Schedule - If you don’t have time to hire a professional, have a set schedule for your employees to help get things tidy before and after you open and close. This can be easily done by assigning jobs to your employees, having a set schedule on who does what and rotate jobs every few weeks or so. Keep everyone accountable for what they can do and what they can’t and make sure that everyone is checking things off as they do it. 

Image: FDC Commercial Solutions 

If you are looking to hire a professional, you want to make sure it’s the best. When it comes to quality company to help you keep your business clean, you want one that comes highly recommended to you. If you live in New Jersey, be sure to give a call to FDC Cleaning Solutions. They offer commercial office cleaning in Monmouth County and provide comprehensive training for any new crew members they hire. The business is a team of dedicated management that aims to provide the best service for every single client. All of their employees have continuous training to provide you the high quality cleaning service you and your business deserve. They are aware that cleanliness is critical and crucial to the success of your business which is why, as professionals, they are committed to delivering only the best experience for you. Whether you have a special event, run a hotel, manage a surgical center or are trying to be the new up and coming business in your neighborhood, they’ll help you with many services to make you feel good and ready to go. 

With FDC Solutions, they use the most modern cleaning technology. Their staff regularly r-trains to stay on top of the latest industry techniques. When you need high quality cleaning, count on them to deliver only the best. They offer decades of experience in the cleaning industry. Their services staffing, waste disposal and cleaning for their clients from various industries. They also offer customized cleaning solutions to fit different business needs and budget. Consider them your one stop shop to provide everything you need to keep things running smoothly and not have to worry about the little things. 

What things does your business need help with? If it’s cleaning, you certainly know who to call to assist you!