Dollar Tree Easter Basket

Hi Lovelies!

A few weeks ago I stopped into Dollar Tree for a few things and ran into so much Easter stuff! I was so shocked at how much they had for just $1! Dollar Tree has really been stepping up their game! Every year, I usually go nuts on Max's Easter basket, but I decided to challenge myself this year and try to make a basket for them both with just stuff from Dollar Tree. I did have to go to a few Dollar Trees to get everything I needed but I did it! I did have to pick up a few extra things for Esme from the Target Dollar Spot, but they were still $1! #MomWin

In Max's basket I included all sorts of things for outdoor fun. Bubbles, games for outside, chalk, a jump rope, mini tennis rackets, baseball bases! He should be entertained for about 2 days with all those goodies, lol. I also like to throw in something for educational purposes so threw in some flash cards and a Bible readers book. I'll admit finding things for Esme (9 months) was a bit tougher. They did have some cute photo op bunny ears some foam puzzles which were great, I also bought her a hard Bible book, and then I ended up getting the rest of her stuff from Target Dollar Spot, some keys, heart glasses and a set of play make up. So cute!

As for candy, I really didn't buy much at all. I always end up throwing it out because Max is a candy-holic and my Dad always shows up with a GIANT chocolate egg! I put some jelly beans inside the eggs as well as chocolate mini eggs and as for Esme, I put puffs in her eggs. I am trying to keep her away from the candy as long as possible, lol!

So there you have it! Nothing crazy or out of this world, just a few little knick knacks for my babies. I really did put all my effort into not going overboard. I'm grateful that any little thing still excites Max. & Maybeeeeee, I did buy the kids some sneakers and spring clothes, but that doesn't really count, does it, lol? I just want to show you all that you can go above & beyond for your kids on a budget. Sometimes you don't have to buy the $80 Nikes because they are happy with $20 character shoes!

I hope everyone has a great Easter and enjoys time with family & friends!

Until Next Time,