DIY Floor Cleaner

Is anyone else super excited that warmer weather is coming up so quickly? I can’t wait to get the windows open and scrub our home clean! I’ve really been trying to work more with do-it-yourself cleaning products. Shockingly to those who think this is a lot more work to do, it’s actually easy and super efficient to do in minutes. Some of the most common household items clean just as effectively as their commercial ones but making it yourself can be less expensive. Another bonus is that most cleaning products lack the chemicals that are found in many of the products we purchase in the stores. If you have any family members who are allergic to some mass produced products or who might be super sensitive to strong scents, making them yourself is a much better option. 

So now the question is how to find the perfect spray to help on every surface of your home, including your wood floors? If your home has hardwood or laminate flooring, you might want to consider some of the sprays below but first know what kind of floor you have, and how it’s finished and sealed before making your own. Water is usually not recommended to use on any waxed floors and should always be used sparingly on any type of wood floors and finishes. If you have any doubts about how to clean our floors, check with your manufacturer to see what they recommend. 

Image: Selecta Flooring 

If you live in the New Jersey area, a quality and trustworthy company to help you give the hardwood floors you’ve dreamed of is called Selecta Flooring. Wth decades of expertise on picking the right flooring, they can assist you in finding the perfect ones for your home that include laminate, hardwood options and more. They also know the importance of having eco-friendly wood floors if you are wanting something to assist the environment with. The hardwood floor installation is no longer a detriment to the environment with the right finishes and wood, hardwood can be just as eco-friendly as any other type of flooring which is something i personally gravitate towards. 

Image: Selecta Flooring 

One of the reasons why we love the wood floors within our home is because it’s known for being a relatively low maintenance wood and for most of the damp, just a light damp mop with a little bit of warm water is really needed for a routine cleaning. When they are extra dirty or need more of a cleaning power, there are several cleaners I have to save me money, effort and time. 

  1. Essential Oils, Water and Vinegar - Many of my friends have always shared with me about using a little bit of warm water and vinegar to help keep their hardwood floors clean but I also like to add some of my essential oils to the mix as well. I like to add a nice fragrance to the cleaning solution to assist in that. Essential oils come in a variety of flavors so you’re able to choose just a few drops to add to a super easy solution for an added sense of clean. My personal favorite is ‘breathe’ because it has a peppermint fragrance that makes my entire house smell like peppermints! 
  2. Tea Bags - I had no idea I could use tea bags in my pantry to help me clean my floors!Ordinary tea bags actually help clean the floors while adding some shine and luster to it. I actually make a few extra bags when I brew my tea and then use it to assist me keep things clean. 
  3. Vegetable Oil and Water - When making this particular spray, combine the oil and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Mix a fresh batch every time you clean to avoid the oil becoming rancid. Spray the cleaner onto the floor and mop with a microfiber cloth. The vinegar will help remove the dirt while the oil helps to condition the wood so it doesn’t dry out! This is one of my favorite and super simple sprays to have around the house to use before guests come over! 

Another great tip to keep your hardwood floors looking their best longer is by frequently sweeping and vacuuming them to pick up any particles that can build up over time or even scratch your surfaces. To minimize the need for damp mopping all the time, use a dry microfiber paid for routine floor cleaning. Always clean up spills right away ( hello mom life all the time ) and keep your pet’s nail trimmed to avoid any scratches too. If you have an area rug for high traffic areas, this can help keep things clean and use furniture ads to keep them in place on your wood floors.