Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

It’s that time of year where you take notes of everything that special dad in your life owns and take inventory so you can figure out what to get him other then ties & socks.  Here’s a list that I’ve put together with some of the coolest gear & gadgets for Dad this year!

HoMedics® Shiatsu Select Foot Massager with Heat - $49.99

This is the perfect gift to rejuvenate your tired feet after a long day of work! Bed Bath & Beyond carries this version and the best part is you can always use a 20% off coupon. You can get a deep kneading shiatsu massage with dual action & soothing heat right in the comfort of your own home. (I'm getting this for hubby just so I can use it LOL.)

2. JBL Bluetooth Wireless Headphones- $79.99

I mean, who doesn't need bluetooth headphones in 2019? Whether you are at the gym or enjoying a nice bike ride these headphones are great. They give you free range of movement with form fitting ear cushions with high-quality speakers. You don't even have to touch your phone to change the music, since you can pick the perfect tune right from your headphones.

3. The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit- $49.95

When I came across this I immediately added it to my cart. We love hot sauce in our house and we also love experimenting. This is definitely an "out of the box" idea, but lets face it, after years & years of buying for Dad you have to think "outside of the box".

4. MarketHouse Gourmet Delivery - Varies

Does he love grilling? Love cooking? Then this is the gift for him. You can pick & choose gourmet meats & seafood and they are delivered right to your door in 36 hours or less. This gourmet market house offers everything from lamb to king crab legs. If you decide to order you can take advantage of their $25 coupon off of your first order.

5. Ancestry DNA Kit - $99

Now who doesn't want to know about their ancestry? Here is another great way to gift an experience. This gift will last a lifetime and you can even find family members you may not even know exist. Once you send back your DNA for testing, they store it with the rest of 23andMe customers. Don't know much about your ancestry? Super easy & quick way to find out!

6. Men's Wood Docking Station- $32.30+

I think this docking station is absolutely amazing! Most of them time men throw everything from phone, to keys & watches plus much more all over the place once they get home. What better way to organize then right on their nightstand? I absolutely love that most gifts on Etsy can be customizable! This is another gift on my list!

7. Men's Skincare Starter Kit - $39

Guys, it's 2019 and it's time for men to start thinking about their skin as well! I love these gift sets for my husband for all occasion because it's useful but also a luxury item. Nowadays you can even find gift sets for just their beards! Kiehl's is a go to in my household and if you know the brand, you know they can get a little pricey; so this $39 price tag is a definite steal!

8. UltraBoost City Shoes - $180

While these come with a heftier price tag, I have to tell you they will quickly become the most comfortable shoe he owns. I love Ultraboosts, they are so lightweight and airy if almost feels as if you are walking on clouds. I love buying my husband sneakers for holidays because it's just one of those things he doesn't buy on his own.

9. The Official Beard Bib - $15.99

COME ON, EVERY MAN NEEDS THIS & so does his wife! This is so genius- no more picking up left over beard hair from the sink after he shaves. This is just amazing and will forever change my left... I mean his. Wait who's this a gift for again.. me or my husband?

10. Ask Your Mother T-Shirt- $25.97

If this shirt isn't the truth, the I'm not sure what is. C'mon momma's let's have a little fun with Father's Day, lol.

There you have it! I hope I was able to help you out a bit & figure out some goodies that the Dad's in your life will be able to enjoy! Don't forget to figure it out asap, Father's Day is only 11 days away.

Happy Shopping!