How I Make Oat Milk in Less Than 1 Hour

Hi Lovelies!

So lately I have been having a minor issue with Little Miss Esme. Since she doesn’t use a pacifier, she has been using her bottle as a self soother & of course she won’t drink water, it has to be formula.  Let’s get real for a second, she is going through more formula than she was 3 months ago. Now, even though I know this isn’t a huge issue, I still want to start replacing bottles with meals and unfortunately I have failed. She is having 6 ounce bottles of formula just about every 3/4 hours all day from about 8 AM - 8 PM and will even wake at night once which I am not used to.  She is unable to fall asleep again with out a bottle, and let me tell you- THE KID IS NOT HUNGRY! Lol, she is constantly eating all day… just about eating me out of house and home.  I’ve been brainstorming and trying to figure out a way to get her full but still have her drink formula.  I’m really struggling with the idea of putting her on whole milk once she turns 1 & I’m not ready to give her almond milk just yet. I had been hearing a lot of buzzing about Oat Milk & guess what? It has to be one of the easiest recipes to make & there are so many ways to customize it! 

  • Ingredients:
  • 1 cup Trader Joe’s Rolled Oats
  • 3 cups Boiling Water
  • 1/2 TSPN of Milled Flaxseed
  • 1 TSPN of Brown Sugar
  • A Pinch of Vanilla Extract

Are you wondering what I did with that? It’s almost as simple as making oatmeal & just as delicious!

I brought my water to a boil and once it did I poured it in the bowl where I had my 1 cup of oats.  I let that sit for 25 minutes before putting it in the blender along with the rest of the ingredients.  & VOILA! I did have to repeat the “puree” buttons twice on my Ninja just to make sure the oats where as fine as possible.  I put it through a strainer twice as well and there you have it.  Oat Milk made easy!

The kids loved it and it is a great dairy-free and vegan option for anyone & it is super quick! I plan on giving her just one 6 ounce bottle of oat milk while keep the rest of her bottles formula for now until we are ready to cut down to 3 bottles a day.