Living A Sustainable Life

This is a sponsored post and items were gifted but as always all opinions are mine.

With the craziness that 2020 brought into our lives it really got me thinking on how I can be a better person individually that will still contribute to the world. One of the things that really stuck out to me was living a more sustainable life because it's something about myself that I am changing but also effects the world. I don't care if I am just one person because at the end of the day I know I am doing my part and if I can help spread awareness and change just one person's mind it's worth it!

I started reading up on ways I can live a more sustainable life and it was crazy how much stuff I found that was such a simple switch. I feel like when people mention living a more sustainable life people automatically think more expensive when it's quite the opposite. Initially you may have to invest a few extra dollars but it pays off when you don't have to keep rebuying.

One of the biggest ways I can change is saying no to single use products. Let's face it, paper plates, paper towels, I've used them all for convenience. It's just easier to use and chuck but honestly we are doing so much harm to our environment. It takes paper 20 years to decompose in a landfill and foam a MILLION years. So yes, you may be saving water by not doing as many dishes but the effects of using so much plastic is way worse. I can easily spend $10 on a pack of 100 reusable plates that won't last me more than two weeks whereas my plate setting cost me $50 for life! So you are also saving money by not using single use products.

I am so excited to have come across K's Got You Covered and receive some goodies from her! She has so many Zero Waste Eco Friendly products that fit into your everyday lifestyle. I didn't notice what a small change you can make to create such big impact. She was kind enough to gift me a set to start living with less waste! Everything in the set she sent over is ZERO WASTE to eliminate all the trash. Her cloth wipes alone eliminate the need to buy paper towels, napkins, baby wipes and cleaning wipes! Just use and toys in the washer so you can use them again! Talk bout eliminating a bunch of trash!

The cutest part of her set is it comes in a reusable bag which can serve so many purposes my favorite being for produce when food shopping. They are more durable and reliable, they save you money AND it gives me such a peace of mind. The smallest change makes me feel like such a better and more aware human. No more of those wasteful plastic bags that you use and literally throw in the garbage once you get home.

I'm so excited to continue using these products and expand my knowledge on sustainability so that I can continue contributing positively to our environment. If you are looking for any zero waste products please make sure to check out K's Got You Covered here.