Non-Toy Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Happy Holidays! 

Welcome back to my favorite time of year! Aside from the hustle and bustle of gift buying, over eating & over drinking I really do love the spirit of the holidays but I feel like each year it gets harder and harder to make Christmas magical for my kids.  I feel like, they have way too many toys & honestly pay attention to the toys for .05 seconds. 

I more focused this year on more quality not quantity and I know once my kids are older they will definitely appreciate it.  For the holiday season we are also focused on giving back to our community as well.  Here are some ways you can make the holidays more memorable for your kids.

1. Experiences  

Memberships, Classes, Events, Sports Games, Museums - you name it.  These are things that will last way longer then the thrill of unwrapping a new toy Christmas morning.  He will be able to learn, create memories & we can also enjoy things as a family.  There is nothing better then going somewhere you have never been and really enjoying it. This year our Elf, Frosty will be making his grand appearance with tickets to the Radio City Music Show- and I really don’t even know who will be more excited once Max finds out.  There is something truly magical about NYC during the holidays. 

2. Giving Back/Donating

Every year I make it a point to go through Max’s room with him and donate toys for the less fortunate.  If it were up to him, he would be a hoarder! We always talk about the less fortunate and what we could do to help them, but c’mon who wants to give up their toys? It’s almost like me giving up wine, haha.  This year I have set up for us to volunteer at a soup kitchen in Paterson, NJ at a women’s & children’s center because let’s face it - out of sight out of mind. My son has no idea how people live and he is at the age where I want to show him to be grateful for what he has even though he may not have what others have.  Lately, everything is a comparison with him. 

3. Board Games

Let’s face it- it is never easy keeping your kids entertained during the colder months when outdoor evens are out of the question.  I am so excited for “Santa” to deliver some board games so that we can have family game nights all winter long! Max is 6.5 and I feel like he is finally learning to take care of his stuff and since he is spelling & counting he can finally play games that are fun for us as well.  I’ve picked up Scrabble, Charades, Pictionary & Jenga of course! Most of the games that he has received prior to this year have been super childish and he has lost most of the pieces. (Cue the garbage truck)

4. Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscriptions are a huge hit at the moment for adults & kids. I can only imagine how excited I get for my subscriptions imagine kids! The whole element of surprise has got to be mind blowing for them.  Again, keeping them busy on snow days and blistering, cold weekends are hard enough - make it a bit easier on yourself and check out these subscription boxes that are suitable for kids of all ages. 

5. A Homemade Coupon Book

This is probably any favorite one.  Us as parents know our kids best. What better way to allow them to enjoy doing their favorite things then to just let them choose.  Make it part of a chore, 10 stickers and you can pick what you would like to do that upcoming weekend.  Can be a mix of inexpensive and moderate options. The good thing is that while you’re spending so much money on a million other things during the holidays this will be totally free. Max’s coupon book will have options such as-

  • Movie night of your choice with popcorn & lemonade with Mom & Dad
  • Basketball game
  • Trip to Target for a toy $40 and under
  • Nerf Gun Battle with Dad
  • Eat whatever candy you want in one day with out Mom taking it away.

You get it? Things that truly make a 6 year old happy, lol.

Happy holidays & Happy shopping & remember don’t forget to enjoy the reason for the season.