Pumpkin Picking Fail |2019|

Let me tell you guys just how busy we have been - so busy that I had to keep Max home one day this week to squeeze pumpkin picking into our schedule. We have three parties this weekend and there was just no other way to swing it. Now let me tell you how luck was NOT on our side - we went to the farm the day after a Nor'Easter hit which means that the winds were not in our favor! There were about 3 other people pumpkin picking which was great for our photos but the winds were so strong, I think we were at the farm for a total of 45 minutes, lol. All the kids had runny noses and all of our pictures have hair flying everywhere, smh. But all in all, we went, pumpkin picked & conquered.

Max, Esme & my bonus daughter- Emma

I decided to go to Conklin Farms in Monvtille NJ and let me tell you- it was very quiet (due to weather) but it was the PERFECT size for all you mamas with little ones. There was no charge to enter and they had a cute little farm with animals, a corn maze, pumpkins (obviously) & a sunflower patch.

During the weekend they have plenty of activities at an extra charge such as hayrides- both haunted & regular, Snack Shake, and plenty of homemade goodies to take home with you. You can visit their website for more details.

All in all, it may not have been the most exciting day trip but we still made memories & we will never forget how windy it was this one year we came pumpkin picking. I am such a stickler with traditions & we have been going pumpkin picking since Max was born & I just could not go a year with out it. Check out some of the fun we had in our very short pumpkin picking experience.