Spring Break 2K19

Hi Mommas! 

Can you believe it?! I survived Spring Break 2K19 with both kids! I accomplished some day trips as well as a few small outings.  I notice Max gets cabin fever in about .05 seconds and there was no way we could stay out home with out any structure. This little taste of summer screams exhaustion, lol.  I’ve put together a few of the places you are able to visit with your kids in the tristate area. 

I got so lucky because I just so happened to look at my Groupon notifications and saw that Trolls The Experience was in NYC for the week and the tickets were only $19! I payed a total of $57 for the 4 of us because children under 2 are free.  It was so cute, the amount of goodies the kids were able to take home was well worth the price. The whole experience was about an hour and a half and the Souvenir shop was to die for.  Max event got to meet the “REAL” Poppy! 

We visited Glenfield Park in Montclair that had outdoor instruments the kids are able to play with.  The park was so clean and put together, it was so sad we got rained out after only 45 minutes, but we will definitely be going back. It was a bit of a hike for us, but worth it. Another day I decided to buy some sandwiches, hit Five Below for a few things and pack the car and head to Central Park for a picnic with the kids. It was super easy! I bought 2 picnic blankets and a basket large enough to carry all of our food from Five Below for $15. I stopped at Quick Check and bought some fruit, sandwiches, waters & dessert. Now let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences ever! The kids had a blast, we loved walking around and watching every with their dogs. The flowers in the Conservatory Garden were at full bloom, it was so serene and beautiful. I plan on making NYC a constant during the summer, for sure!

Our Friday was a total wash out, so we decided to hit the Liberty Science Center.  My girlfriend is a Family Member and for a yearly fee of $285 you can bring up to 10 guests ANYTIME! That is a complete steal because the tickets are already pricey.  I am totally looking into the membership, its a great outing, especially during the colder months where you can’t really get outside.  

Honestly, I am EXHAUSTED! I have barely gotten any housework or laundry done, but it was oh, so worth it.  These times I will cherish forever with my babies and I won’t get them back. I chose to put my everyday routine on the back burner this week to fully enjoy Max and having home all week.  It’s time for him to go back to school, but I need a breather and to mentally prepare before summer vacation for sure! I hope you all had a great time and were able to enjoy at least a day or two with your babies for Spring Break!