What You Need to Know About Preparing For A House Fire

This is a sponsored post but all opinions, as always are my own.

So, over the holidays there was a fire in town above a pizzeria that has been around for abut 50 years. Unfortunately, there was an apartment on top and it just so happens that these children went to my son's school. A family of 5 now had no home or belongings just a few days after Christmas. Our community quickly put together a GoFundMe and donation drop offs and everyone came together fairly quickly and although they may not be able to get back what they had at least the road to recovery was made just a bit easier with extra help.

A few weeks later they had an assembly at my son's school and our Principal called up the youngest (8) to give him praise about what a great job he'd done during this catastrophe. It turns out, he was the first to smell the smoke, wake up his siblings and parents and rush them out with no belongings. All I could think of, was thank goodness this child knew exactly what to do and didn't panic.

So of course, as a mom I began to think, "what if this were my family?" Would my 6 year old know what to do? Would he not "know" the smell of smoke? Would he panic and scream? Fire Safety is often talked about in school but just like other school work it also has to be practiced at home. Something I can shamefully admit that we have not discussed in my household. Partly because I believe we are super careful when it comes to fire hazards but accidents can always happen, right? Mostly to protect my son's innocence. I simply don't want to discuss scary topics like this with him much less imagine "what if?"

But, after hearing this story I decided it was time to put my big girl panties on and set up a plan. There are so many ways to be extra cautious around children with fire hazards.

  1. Don't play with fire or matches. This may. seem like common sense to some but, let me tell you KIDS ARE CURIOUS. Most kids will try to get away with as much as they can every second they have. The best way to avoid this is to keep matches away in a spot where children can not get to. If your child is older, make sure to let them know it is not okay to use matches with out. adult supervision.
  2. Never, ever leave candles or incense burning. If you leaving your home, anything that. could catch on fire should be turned off especially a candle. If you are burning incense, make sure to be in the room until it has burned out completely. One time, I bought a candle home from vacation in a coconut shell and once it reached to the bottom it cracked open and kept burning!!! Thank goodness I was in the room and quickly shut it off because I can't imagine what would've happened - it was on my dresser and we all know that fire and wood do not mix!
  3. Check smoke detectors and batteries. Make sure they are functioning. There is no use in having smoke detectors if the batteries don't work or they are expired. We all know that annoying beeping that occurs when it's. time to change the batteries, so just. change them and move on! Don't let it linger.
  4. Don't over plug. It is so hard nowadays to worry about this with this fast paced world we live in but but if you are not using it, just unplug it. With all the technology and chargers it can so easily become a hazard and its always better safe than sorry.

Image: Alpha Fire And Security Systems

5. Invest in a home security and safety system. Alpha Fire Alarm Security Systems offer all types of services for your home or business. This NJ fire alarm services installs fire alarms, repair and monitoring. You can request a free quote at www.alphafirenj.com. If you own your home and can modify to your specifications think investing these systems are priority. Anything that can save the lives of me and my family is number 1 in my book.

Most importantly, educate your children. Education is key in all aspects of life. Create a family plan and also practice it to make sure it is successful with out glitches. If there are glitches, make sure to make appropriate adjustments right away. Never re-enter the building once you are out no matter what. Crawling through rooms and hallways when smoke is present is super important and a key factor they should know. Stop, Drop & Roll technique is a great way to teach them what to do in the events of.

As much as no one wants to believe or think about this terrible stuff, it can happen to anyone and I'd rather be safe than sorry. I know that no amount of practice can prepare you for such a strategy but a little knowledge goes a long way.

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