Yes, You CAN Mix Prints!

Have you guys evert heard of the fashion rule that calls for not mixing prints? Yeah, me too - sounds like 1999.  Almost as ridiculous as not wearing white after Labor Day. Mixing patterns has been crushing the fashion game for the past few seasons and it is here to stay and I am all for it this summer. 

There is something fabulous about a woman having the confidence and conviction to mix and match certain prints and still kill the fashion game. For a long time I was so afraid to have fun with my style, but I am certainly breaking out of that. You can wear anything you like as long as you have the two c’s. Be a badass and own it! 

I can admit my style has been basic for quite some time, but life is too short to be basic, lol! Since most of my style is basic when running around with the kids I like to spruce it up a bit when I am kid-less. My go to's for style trends are Forever 21, H&M, Zara's & Naked Wardrobe. I hate over spending on pieces that will most likely only be "in" for a few months and since I recycle my clothes often I don't feel as bad when I donate pieces that only cost me a few bucks.

I paired this mustard colored dress with snake skin sandals and a floral headband. Subtle, but mixing nonetheless.

This dress was on the clearance rack for $8! I bought it in both mustard & black because, um why not? I love airy thin dresses I can just throw on in the summer and this one is perfect.  My sandals are discontinued but I found a similar pair here. There are floral headband everywhere, and I only paid $4.90 for mine & since I have been longing for warm weather for far too long, I decided to throw it together with this Ava Bucket Bag from Shop Kryz’s Closet. Tell me this doesn’t look cute?! The best part is that I felt comfortable in it and it is also kid-friendly. 

Wonder Bar, Asbury Park NJ